Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years. They offer a great way for business owners and experts to build a loyal fan base and share their expertise with a wider audience. It’s a fun and easy marketing strategy that only requires a microphone, some editing software, and a topic you love to talk about. So, why do listeners love podcasts so much?

Content for Busy People

For busy people, podcasts are the perfect way to consume content. You can listen to them while you’re working, commuting, waiting somewhere, doing housework, working out, and so on. You can take this content with you anywhere you go throughout the day. Some podcasts release video versions or text resources to go with episodes for listeners who want to focus more closely.

Informative and Entertaining

Podcasts are fun and they offer a great way to learn while you listen. They’re usually quite casual and not overly produced. A podcaster doesn’t need a “radio voice” or any kind of slick production. People love the relaxed nature of this form of content. It’s like having the TV on while you do other things.

There’s a Podcast For That

No matter what topic you’re interested in, there’s a podcast about that topic. Type any keywords into a podcast search engine and you’ll see just how wide a variety of topics are available. Podcasters are passionate about their interests and this enthusiasm comes through. It’s often a deep dive on a topic that you don’t get in a blog post or other type of content.

A Personal Connection

Listeners develop a personal connection with the podcasts they enjoy. It’s like having a conversation with a friend or being read a story. Since we hear the podcaster’s actual voice, we feel a human connection. This is why it’s such a great way to build an enthusiastic fan base.

An Easy Way to Learn

Compared to other types of content, audio offers a very easy way to learn something. All you need to do is listen. People who don’t like to read can get the same information through listening. Many podcasters release videos of their podcasts as well for those who prefer watching video content.

Getting Started with Podcasting

Podcasting offers an extremely easy way to connect personally with your audience and give them the help they need.

Thinking you might want to try it? A good place to start is by appearing as a guest on podcasts. Reach out to podcasters and offer to appear on their show to share your expertise with their audience. This will help you expand your audience, but also get a feel for what it takes to produce this type of content.