Appearing on podcasts as a guest is a great way to expand your audience and build your expertise. It’s incredibly easy; you don’t even need to start your own show. You just need a good topic that’s helpful for the show’s audience and reach out to the podcaster with your pitch. It’s a win-win situation.


The key to success is to understand what makes a great podcast guest.


Listen to the Show

When you find a podcast you think would be appropriate, start by listening to it. You’ll get a feel for the atmosphere of the show and the topics they cover, and you can use this to be a more suitable guest. You’ll know the range of issues discussed, which will help you make a better pitch for your own ideas.  


Prepare Your Message

What will you teach or share in your interview? What is the main point you want to convey to the show’s audience? Take some time to prepare, research your topic, and have a solid idea of what you’re going to cover so that your interview is focused. You might want to rehearse it before the appearance or prepare notes you can refer to.


Be Natural and Be Yourself

Save the sales talk. Listeners expect their podcasters to be natural and real. It’s like having a conversation with a friend. During the course of your interview, you might naturally mention your blog or social media presence, or a new product you’re promoting, but keep the promotions to a minimum. Focus on using your natural strengths to help people.


Focus on the Listener

When giving an interview, keep your focus on the listener. You are here to offer your knowledge and expertise to help them solve the issues they’re facing. Share the information they’d like to know and help them achieve their goals. If you stay focused on them, you can provide true value, which will make listeners want to check you out elsewhere.


Be Clear and Easy to Understand

It’s important to speak clearly and naturally. You should practice by recording yourself talking and listening back. You’ll notice habits in your speech that need improvement. Your voice should be loud and clear. Avoid distractions such as saying “um” or “like.” Make sure you don’t sniffle or make mouth noises.


Relax and Have Fun

One of the main reasons people love podcasts is that they’re fun. They’re both informational and entertaining. If you want to be a great podcast guest, get into a relaxed state of mind and think of it as having coffee with a colleague or a friend. If you’re having a good time, this will come across to the listener.


How to Get Started

Check out some podcasts in your niche and you’ll start to get an idea of what they’re all about. Picture yourself on the show. What would you discuss? How would you help the listener with your expertise? This is a great place to start getting ideas.